What’s New?

I didn’t realize it had been so long since I posted anything, but it’s been over a month.  It’s amazing how many times throughout the day it occurs to me to write something, but then I don’t remember when I get home.

I’ve noticed that I do that.  With everything.

It occurs to me to do something while I’m out doing something else.  Then when I’m actually in a position to do whatever it is I was previously thinking about, I’ve already forgotten.  This applies, as I said, to everything.  Going to the grocery store, paying bills, writing, making phone calls, organizing paperwork, whatever.

I don’t think I used to be this scatterbrained.

I’ve tried different apps and reminder programs on my phone or on my computer to help me remember with limited success.  Maybe one day I’ll figure out how to retrain my brain.

As for what’s been happening lately:

– My motorcycle will be repaired this week.  The damage came out to around $1000.  Hopefully I won’t have to pay any of it once my insurance company finishes dealing with the other guy’s insurance company.

– Sunday Company improv is going well.  In fact, it’s been going so well that we will now be performing on a weekly basis, instead of the last two sundays of the month.  That will allow for everyone to have much more stage time.

– Detective improv is also going well.  This saturday I get to take my first try at playing the role of detective.  This role involves A LOT more stage time as the detectives are basically on for the entire hour and a half show, whereas the other characters are only on sporadically during that time period.

– Work is the same.  Aside from any frustrations I feel about my work environment, I’ve also decided that I’ve got to find some additional streams of income if I’m going to be able to afford to do the things I want to do.  I also need to bring more awareness to my budget.  I was doing pretty good there for awhile but I need to rein some things back in.  It’s not right that my friend’s wedding in October and a visit home during the holidays should have such a big impact on the amount of disposable income I have for the year.

– My good friend Eric is staying with me.  He’s about to move to Chicago soon and is crashing on my sofa while he’s between places.  He wasn’t supposed to move in until this week, but he’s been here for a couple weeks already.  When his girlfriend left town for a short vacation he asked if he could move in early.  I haven’t had a roommate of any kind since 2005.  It’s nice in a lot of ways.  It also has opened my eyes to just how much I like to be on my own time and my own schedule.  Eric hasn’t done anything wrong, he’s been great and this no criticism of him.  I’m just very aware now of when things are not happening at the pace I want them to.

I won’t make this any longer.  More to follow…

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