If I Get Pregnant, I’m Covered

I got a letter from my health insurance company.  They are raising my rates (and everyone with the same plan as me) by 16.8%.   That seems like a pretty big increase.

The rates are going up, they say, due to rising costs of hospitals and prescription drugs.  Ok, I understand that.

Another factor they say for the rising costs of coverage is that new legislation was passed in California.  It REQUIRES that ALL health plans provide coverage for pregnancy and autism.

I’m sure some people are looking for plans that cover those medical circumstances.  I’m not.  Not EVERYONE wants coverage for EVERYTHING.

I’m a single man.  It’s impossible for me to get pregnant.  I don’t have children.  My nonexistent children don’t have autism.  I don’t need a plan that covers pregnancy and autism.  If I want to shop around for a plan that suits me and my lifestyle, I can’t.  The legislature has decided what everyone’s plan will include.  Do we really need to require that ALL health plans cover pregnancy?  Or autism?

Hey politicians and bureaucrats in Sacramento:  how about you guys just focus on roads, schools, police, and firefighters, and let the rest of us decide what kind of health care plan we buy.  Thanks a lot.

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