Experiment #3: Obey The Speed Limit

What if I drove the speed limit?  Would I enjoy driving again?

I used to love driving.  LOVE IT.  Not anymore.  Now, I am constantly annoyed by the actions of the other drivers on the road.  It seems like no one is paying attention to what they are doing.  People are cutting each other off left and right, not looking where they are going, and generally acting like selfish assholes behind the wheel.

What if I slowed everything down, at least for myself?  Would I feel more calm and less stress?  I hate getting behind slower drivers, even though I realize they are not doing anything wrong, as long as they are going at least as fast as the speed limit.

Maybe I’m in too much of a hurry?

For the next week, I will try my best to only drive the speed limit, and no faster.  I can already tell…this one’s gonna be hard.

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