Experiment #4: Be A Beach Person

I’m not really a beach person.  I don’t go to the beach that much.  I don’t go to the beach at all really.

I grew up near the beach, right on the eastern shore of Lake Michigan.  It was beautiful.  In the summer, the beach is absolutely amazing.  I almost never went.

I think the ocean is beautiful.  I think the beach is pretty.  I like watching the sun go down over the water.  I like to see the green flash at the end of sunset.  I like the way the sand feels on my bare feet.  But I never go to the beach.

I live in San Diego, perhaps one of the greatest beach towns in the country, if not the world.  In the twelve years I’ve lived here I bet I’ve gone to the beach and hung out less than 10 times.

I’m just not a beach person…

Or am I?

Maybe I’m missing out.  The beach is free.  There’s no admission, no parking to pay for.  It’s beautiful.  Maybe I am a beach person but I’m just not in the habit of going.

For one week, I will go to the beach everyday and see what happens.

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