Results, Experiment #4: Be A Beach Person




The beach is a cool place.  It’s beautiful, the scenery is amazing, the water can be fun.  I’m not a beach person though.

The beach is boring.  I just don’t like laying there on a towel doing nothing for long periods of time.  Why?  The beach also has no shade.

I can sit around in a park soaking up the outside and enjoying the scenery, doing nothing, because I can spread my towel out underneath a tree and enjoy the shade.  There is no shade at the beach.  Being a very white guy, I just don’t enjoy being blasted by the sun for hours at a time.

For me, the beach is fun in small doses.  I like meeting people there for a BBQ, or going in the evening once the sun has started to go down.  I don’t like just going to the beach and hanging out.  I prefer the park for that.

I like beach activities.  I like volleyball, I like paddle boarding, I like doing active things.  I don’t like hanging out at the beach for no reason.

So, I’m not a beach guy.  I’m a park guy.  Or a city guy.  Or a mountains guy.  Or a camping guy.  Or a lake guy.  Not a beach guy.

1 thought on “Results, Experiment #4: Be A Beach Person

  1. I agree, I don’t like dry sand either to add to your list, I get bored sitting around, burn if there’s no shade, and just annoy people I’m with by wanting to make sand castles and sand pictures with wet sand, or dig out boats and by singing along to my iPhone tracks lol.

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