Experiment #5: Eat 3 Scheduled Meals A Day


I don’t eat breakfast.  Well, I do, but I eat it at noon.  I love breakfast food and brunch is one of my favorite things that can ever happen to me.  But I don’t like to eat breakfast at breakfast time.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day?  Not for me.

When I wake up, I’m not hungry.  The last thing I want to do before 10am is eat.  Anything.

Sometimes I don’t eat lunch.  Or I skip dinner.

In fact, most days, I only eat 1 1/2 meals.  Sometimes I’ll have 2 meals.  I guess I just don’t get hungry.

I recently read an article that suggested people only eat when they are hungry, which is what I do.  But that’s only one article suggesting that.

It seems like every other article I’ve ever read and every doctor or nutritionist giving advice all advocate the same thing:  people should eat several small meals throughout the day.

When I was in college we had dedicated nutritionists constantly coaching us on how to eat properly to stay healthy and they all advocated eating 3 small meals a day.  Or more, depending on how active we were.  Whenever you watch a show like The Biggest Loser or some other fitness show it’s the same advice.

So, maybe I’m doing it wrong.  Maybe I should be eating at regular times on a schedule.  Maybe I should be eating 3 times a day instead of 1 or 2.

I usually do these experiments for a week, but to really see the effects of this change on my lifestyle I’m going to go for 2 weeks.

For the next 2 weeks, I will eat 3 meals a day at the same time each day.

Chicken With Sun-Dried Tomato, Eggplant, and Basil

I picked this recipe at random out of one of my recipe books. It looked tasty. More than that though, it looked interesting, mostly because I’ve never cooked before with eggplant or pinenuts.

This was a REALLY tasty meal. It’s incredibly simple (always a plus) and filled with flavor. Perhaps the best part is the sauce that forms in the pan during cooking.

I followed the directions for cooking the eggplant but that stuff got a little dried out and was certainly overcooked. The next time I make this I’ll be looking to do a better job with that.

Along with the ingredients listed in the title there was also some thinly shaved garlic and a little chicken broth.

The white, sauce looking stuff on the chicken in the picture is ricotta cheese.

I liked having this with bread. I wonder what good side dishes may go with this though to round out the meal a little…

It’s been a good week of eating around here with two great homecooked meals and plenty of leftovers to fill the days.

Looking forward to brunch tomorrow.